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Fischer Skis Profoil - Transalp 88 / Stella Alpina 88

Fischer Skis Profoil - Transalp 88 / Stella Alpina 88
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With the Fischer ProFoil Climbing Skins attached to your Fischer Transalp 88 Skis you'll get up the mountain nearly as fast as you'll come back down it. That's because the textured surface of the skin puts little crowns in place to provide reliable, mechanical traction for every step, eliminating the need to change skins to match snow conditions. Even better, since they're completely waterproof you can climb with confidence that you won't have to wrestle soggy waterlogged skins into your back before you head back down to start it all over again.

-Low friction Crown Glide base material allows you to travel faster and smoother with each stride
-Crown Grip delivers traction on all snow types because it uses mechanical grip for foolproof traction
-Bigger Stride allowed by the Crown technology lets you go 20% further with each step
-Waterproof design won't become waterlogged and weigh you down