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Line Skis Blade

Line Skis Blade
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The skis that will change how you rip down the mountain, the Blade is your go-to ski when you want to have a ridiculous amount of fun at the resort. A Gas Pedal Metal™ layup allows these skis to charge through any condition, while a super tight sidecut offers the ability to turn on a dime. Pair this with a surprising amount of playfulness, and you've got one set of skis that will empower you to ski weird, ski different, and ski #morefunner.

Dimensions: 154-95-124 (176cm)
Sidecut Radius: 13.5 m (176cm)


FIVE different radiuses are blended into the ski’s sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.

Titanal focused across the ski width provides increased edge grip and torsional stability while maintaining a lively feel along the length of the ski. Two independent tip and tail Titanal pieces add extra power and energy.

The tip and tail lift away from the snow to bring the contact points closer to the center of the ski. This increases a ski's lift in deep snow and allows it to engage more quickly on hardpack when rolled over on edge.

The softer tip floats & initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides power, stability & high speed control.

30% thicker base & edge, 2mm wide x 2.5mm high steel edges and 1.7mm thick base dramatically increase durability and tuning life the skis.

Skier Weight lbsSkier Weight kgSkier Height ft/inSkier Height CMSuggested Ski Length ExpertSuggested Ski Length Intermediate
30+ 14+ 3'6"+ 107+ 100 90
40+ 18+ 3'9"+ 114+ 108 98
50+ 23+ 4'0"+ 121+ 116 106
60+ 27+ 4'3"+ 130+ 124 114
70+ 32+ 4'6"+ 137+ 132 122
85+ 39+ 4'9"+ 145+ 140 130
100+ 45+ 5'0"+ 152+ 148 138
115+ 52+ 5'3"+ 160+ 156 146
130+ 59+ 5'6"+ 168+ 164 154
145+ 66+ 5'9"+ 175+ 172 162
160+ 73+ 6'0"+ 183+ 180 170
170+ 77+ 6'2" 184+ 188 178
190+ 86+ 6'4" 191+ 190+ 186
210+ 95+ 6'5" 195+ 190+ 190+

How do you pick the correct ski size?

There isn't a perfect size for one's height and/or weight. The general rule is to pick a ski that is going to land somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. Pro and expert skiers may choose skis that are slightly taller than their height allowing for more speed and aggressive skiing, while beginners and intermediate skiers may choose a ski that is shorter (closer to the height of your chin) for a more maneuverable feeling ski.