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Switchbak Designs Kodiak goggle | Magnetic replaceable lens

Switchbak Designs Kodiak goggle | Magnetic replaceable lens
This item is currently not available.


The best of the best on the lens-change systems! The Kodiak goggle uses 10 magnets at varying locations around the perimeter of the frame to hold the lens in place with fully bonded, self-aligning engagement!

Full perimeter channel venting – The Kodiak goggle’s channel venting allows airflow venting to maximize the flow of fresh air into the goggle while pulling away moisture from the lens, in all conditions.

Helmet Compatible Strap – Switchback’s worry-free, no-slip silicon strap will keep your goggles in place. Adjust it once, and then leave it alone. Plus, the strap is long to fit around helmets without stretching to the max. The adjustment clips are also off center to not interfere with goggle clips that are on the back of most helmets.

Goggle bag: A soft cloth bag is included with these goggles to protect them from damage while traveling. The bag also doubles as a lens cleaner.

Over-the-Glasses compatible: The Kodiak goggle is made to be worn over your prescription glasses, designed to keep both the goggle and your glasses free from fog. These goggles are even great for those without glasses, as the larger frame size provides great field of vision.

Frame Size: Regular
Lens Type: Cylindrical
Strap: Black, black lettering
Quick changing lens: Yes
Helmet compatible: Yes
Over-the-glasses compatible: Yes


Hard case included with purchase.