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Freeride Snowboards

Built with the deep and steep in mind the DAY LYT is an unstoppable powder hound. As the name indicates, we made this board even lighter by using Hexagonal Core. This even increases the agility and float of this great cruiser board. With a long floaty nose, short pintail, and set-back camber the board has the build to blast through powder and groomers. It also has the benefit of being ‘Split Ready', with a central bamboo stringer that when cut creates two sidewalls to protect the core from water. - SKILL: Advanced - CAMBER: Hybrid Camber Pop - ARCHITECTURE: LYT Board Architecture w. Bamboo - FLEX INDEX: 6 - BASE: Sintered Base TECHNOLOGIES HYBRID CAMBER POP The composition of Hybrid Camber POP is found in two different shapes, Long Directional for extra float and Twin Directional for all-mountain pleasure: This build features an elevated flat section and a slight rocker in tip and tail, combining edge hold with pop and float. HEXAGONAL CORE Hexagonal Core is a high-tech compound that allows a board to weigh less but maintain its core strength. It is arranged zonally in the construction of selected HEAD boards. SPLIT READY Split Ready means that a bamboo stringer down the center of the board creates a watertight sidewall when cut. This protects the core of the board when it is cut to make a split. LYT TECH Lighter products help you to enjoy yourself longer on snow. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to provide you with gear, which is light in weight but extraordinary in terms of performance and design.
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