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Tools & Tuning

An economical brush option of 1/2 nylon and 1/2 copper.
Ecological hydrocarbon hot wax for training sessions and taking care of ski and snowboard bases. - Biodegradable - Resealable wax case Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow: 32F to 21F Red: 25F to 10F Blue: 14F to -22F Base Performance Cleaning is a very soft special wax with a low melting point. This wax is ideal for base cleaning and especially good for getting wax into the bases or new, freshly stone ground, or worn skis.
Very soft special wax with low melting point. Ideal for base cleaning and use as basic care of new skis - Penetrates very deep into the base - Biodegradable - Resealable wax case - Base cleaning: Wax the base and remove again while the wax is still warm. Snow temperature recommendations: - Yellow 32F to 21F - Red 25F to 10F - Blue 14F to -22F
High Performance Powder to be applied after hot waxing for the highest race performance. Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow: 32F to 21F Red: 25F to 10F Blue: 14F to -22F
Performance Hot Wax for racing and training, fluorine free. - Yellow for wet conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f)
Ergonomically shaped surface structuring device with interchangeable structure roller for easy structuring of the running surface of cross country skis. Structuring significantly improves the sliding properties of skis. As a kit/ the device is supplied with all three rollers (yellow/red/blue) and ensures optimally structured skis in all snow conditions and temperatures. - Comes with Structurite form and all 3 rollers (yellow/ red/ and blue)
F4 universal liquid glide wax for skis and snowboards. A wax with a wide range of uses. - Universal wax for all temperature ranges - Glide wax for ski mountaineering and summer skiing - Preservative wax for metal edges - Easy application
Practical groove scraper. Handy format. Practical groove scraper for wax removal.
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